Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Loss for Words??

I really am at a loss for words on how great today was for the three of us! Molly met Mickey... Nuff said!! Day 1 of our Disney adventure couldn't have gone any better. Magic kingdom was amazing... not crowded and true happiness for McMollerson. (true happiness for me when my ice cream cone - my one true obsession besides diet coke - had Mickey ears on it!) Believe it or not, one of our favorite attractions was the Haunted Mansion. The amount of time and planing that goes into pulling off an attraction like that is amazing!!! We marveled at it. The highlight, of course, was meeting Mickey himself after a tour of his house. Molly was so excited and when it was finally her turn, she slowly, and "shyly" (if even a word??) walked over to him. You can even see in the picture, as she was hugging Minnie, she was staring Mickey down. Aaahhh! Great, great day. Spent the evening at the Polynesian Review here at the resort and in the pool... way way fun! Thanks for checking in on us! Having a ball here...

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  1. Riley was soooo happy to see "Baby Molly" ride Dumbo!!!! She said will she ride it with me in 7 days? I tried to explain that she won't be there when we go. The crowds look pretty low. Keep me posted on crowd levels! Epcot be sure to visit NEMO!