Saturday, August 28, 2010

Home Sweet Home... 3 of us!

Howdy Folks... Matt is officially home and not going anywhere for awhile! So happy... life is good and we are having a blast!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DeeDee, We are Coming!

One count down over (almost!!... 24 hours until MMMMMAAAAATTTTT!!!) and another one begins!! We have decided to take McMollerson down to meet her best friend for her birthday - DeeDee!! (...Known to most as Mickey!!!!) Molly is actually still free to all parks for about one more month of her life, and the military has an incredible deal for the month of september for us parents, so we are hitting the road south for a few days once matt get here.

After a summer apart, and what promises to be a busy tour ahead, this is going to be such a fun time for the three off us! I know Disney world is a amazing place - and my whole life I have heard, "just wait until you have kids"... I am so excited to watch this kid be lit up by all things Mickey. You would think I made her world complete this morning alone, when I just so happen to be the one who turned the TV on and Mickey was there... It is a riot to see her little face light up when we walk by a balloon in the grocery store with her best buddy on board.... When her fruit snacks have Mickey Mouse smiling back at her, she almost doesn't want to eat them they make her so happy! Hahah. My heart might just explode when I get to see her meet him in person. Looking forward to it very much.

PS - Ummm, Side note, did I really just say this was for her birthday? Is it at all possible that she is almost 2?? YOWZA!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Turning 31

So today really was a great day... Thanks so much to everyone for thinking of me! The phone calls, emails, cards and thoughts all mean so much and made my day special. Molly and I are officially "sugared out' and headed to bed. Hahah!! Alright 31, I welcome you!

Photo Ops?

Just wanted to share a few more pictures of what we have been up to while we kill time waiting for Matt to come home. (1.5 days!!) If we go within 1 mile of a park, I swear Molly can smell it! She starts bouncing in her car seat! She got a new water table/sink to play with outside, makes for a great place to have morning coffee. The tutu was pulled out for a photoshoot, but I couldn't resist putting it on her for a bit!

Yogurt Laughs

Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, as I see it, this will be a very interesting year for the Redskins. I promise not to pretend I know more than I do when I talk about them, but I know a good bit!! For me, that is :) Let me just start off by saying, I LOVE football. I never did... I was always one of those people who thought the whistle blew way too much and had no idea how to actually "watch" the game. I was more interested in watching our Drum Major for the "Horns Up" signal. Hah, yes, I was a band Geek and proud of it. GO FRENCH HORNS GO! (Told you I was a geek...)

But, life moves on, and now I can blame Matt and the TV for most of my football knowledge! There are are only a few things better than a cold fall day, a Blue Moon and a planned couple of hours in front of our TV (or a friends? A restaurants?!) watching the games. Matt is off to a preseason game tonight with Brother Dave actually ... one last chance to see them play while he is still up in Virginia. We had season tickets last year and Matt got to see three games throw down - but the season was not one to write a home about. So, so, so many things have been switched up this year! So much so, that even non-Redskins fans (and there are a lot of them for some reason??) have to be curious! And if you're me, curious and excited!

As the seasons near, thought I would throw up some of us sporting our Redskins Gear. Hail To the Redskins!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blog Facelift?

Changed up the blog look... I LOVE IT!!!

Welcome to Our Cabin!

Well three years ago when Matt and I bought or dream "log" bed, we had huge aspirations of what our master bedroom would look like one day. We LOVE LOVE LOVE our bed... actually, I would argue it is my favorite piece of furniture in our house besides the handmade items from my Grampy - and unless we someday upgrade to a King size version of the exact same bed, we will have this one for the long haul. (Side note, our movers love it when they come in and we show them the 300 lb bed that needs to get down the stairs... or worse, up. Hah. ) Okay! So look what we found here in Jacksonville ... I am so excited about our new dressers. They had our name all over them!!


We can count the number of days.... 6 ..... can I say it again?? 6 days until Matt comes home to live with us here in Jacksonville!!!! HAHHHHHHHHHHH!!! WAAHOOOO!!!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Ahhhh!!! Had to post it... anyone think she looks like me now??

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Okay!!! So sometimes I can have too much fun playing on my computer. Hah! Lots of Homecomings went on here this week, so I dug up some old and new pictures and started playing around... came up with this!! It wouldn't load up full size, so I had to shrink it down a lot. I recommend watching it in the small screen mode - full screen is overly pixilated. Enjoy dudes... Volume up!!

Friday, August 13, 2010



Okay!!! So here it is ... Matt's future chariot! After an exciting experience with the CH-46 Helicopter, the ever changing Marine Corps is replacing the birds with the v22 Tilt rotor Osprey. Matt will now be flying off into the sunset (hah!) in this bad boy. Just wanted to share a few pictures of what it looks like!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wow....Been Busy!

Okay, so my first instinct is to say WOAH WE HAVE BEEN SO BUSY!!! ...and I am sorry for the lack of posts... but man if I can't even tell you what we have been busy doing. I guess that is called life, eh?! Everything is great - Molly is sitting here watching TV on the Rocking horse her great Grampy made for her as I type this. Hahah! We took a road trip north last weekend to visit Matt and family in VA! It was so much fun... a little vacation from working at OCS for Matt, and some good family time for all of us. 2.5 weeks until he moves down here and our life in Good old Jacksonville can begin! Excited for it! HELLO HELLO AND HAPPY SUNDAY!!