Thursday, November 11, 2010


Back in the days of being entirely too cool for school, I apparently used the word "cool" quite often. Hah! Years later, without fail, every time I saw my Grampy he always asked: "Still Cool Jameski?"

After 90 incredible years here with us, my Grandfather, Charlie Kilgore, passed away on October 27, 2010. The legacy, family, memories and life lessons left behind can't be captured in a quick entry here.

Grampy was the kind of guy who, no matter if you were cooking a quick meal, or making a life decision, you wanted to make proud. The amount of respect that followed him was not only obvious, it was astounding. And the most amazing part about it, he didn't demand it. He came by it selflessly and humbly. Hard earned by years of service to our country, his community, his family.

Grampy was fun! Both hands propped on top of his cane, he would look up and think for a good few seconds before delivering his next thought/tale. Shit Bread, Blackberry Brandy, Woodwork.... Icecream... (Molly and him make a good team there!) Oh if he could have seen Molly eat and icecream cone, he would have lost his mind! Molly and Grampy were able to spend some time together and that is so wonderful. He played is Harmonica for her. Special. Jodi and I spent many summers at their house, attending a theater summer camp. I am sure we drove him nuts! Hah! I vividly remember his footsteps coming up stairs (...stairs he built of course...) to wake us up at 7 am. He would have already been up for 2 hours. Cruises, fishing, his truck, his pipe... the way his house smelled. GRAMMY! Not even a scratch on the surface of his life... In my Adult years, and as a Mom, I came to appreciate even more the person he was. Pretty amazing. I am humbled by his life, and honored to be his Granddaughter. Looking so forward to living a life that would make him proud. The example has been set...

Some pictures!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Does it get old to see this again???

Well, it is official, if you follow this blog, you probably will hear the following often: "Ahhh! What! I am so sorry, I have been so busy, I fell off the face of the earth, I have no idea where the time went, I got lost in space, blah blah blah..." and just about everything else that means I have been so bad about keeping this current. So, once again, I have to say I am sorry... I really want to kick this thing back into full gear - stay with me!

Do you ever feel like you would love to talk to an old friend... one whom you have lost touch with...but in the short few minutes you have free to call, you couldn't possibly catch up enough?? You then wait to make the phone call until you have more time... but the time doesn't come!! THAT IS ME WITH THIS BLOG! Oh I so want to catch up because so many wonderful and amazing and crazy things have happened this month. Things that rate tons of time, thought and energy to even begin to portray it all in words.

To say we have been busy, is truly an understatement. I always say that, but this month has topped all. It has been a wonderful month of love and memories - We have watched the circle of life be laid out right in front of us... I have an incredibly refreshed sense of life as I type this... Thankful I am Obiwan!

Perhaps tomorrow I will find that time to explain everything just a little bit more... but for now, my family is asleep and I can hear my kick ass Log bed calling my name!!! Hah... so Goodnight folks... I am challenging myself to be back in the morning!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010


And once again I fell into the Abyss that sometimes sucks me away from this blog, yet there is good news... I survived! Hahah... Hoping to get back int he swing - please don't give up on check on us quite yet! Here is a recent picture!