Friday, July 30, 2010


Okay, so I store all of my photos by Month and Year on my computer... helps a lot since I take entirely too many. (Teehee!) So every month, it is a ton of fun to go back to last's years same Month and click through the folder. These were some of my favorites from July of 2009. Can't believe how fast time has flewn. Molly will be 2 before we know it. Wow!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Play Date...

Molly has a Best buddy here in Jacksonville... Erica and I have been friends for years and we just so happened to have our girls 3 weeks apart! Really cool... Molly and Madison love playing together.... and could care less about us when they get together. I am learning that this is a good thing! Hahha... here are some pictures of their fun!

Getting There...

All of the sudden I feel like this is our home! It is amazing how different one family can make the same house look. It has been fun setting up shop down here and has been great for keeping busy! I finally got a new little camera, so I have some pics! If you have visited and seen our homes in the past few years, you will see what I mean... just looks like our place, doesn't it? I like it here!! We just need Matt!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Body Attack

Yesterday was our Body Attack (and Body Pump) Launch at the gym! Every three months we do a big blowout for the new release which we learn and have to "launch" to the members. They love it! We love it!! All of the instructors get dudded up in matching uniforms and we rock the stage with a killer workout. I love teaching this class and I am so happy I have been able to teach with all of our moving around! Here are some pictures from the event yesterday... Way fun! (fair warning, Attack pictures never seem to come out... maybe we just move too fast? Hahah!)

Friday, July 23, 2010


Well, it's hot... really hot outside. Molly loves being outside, and water is the only way to do it! This was fun... best part, she crashed out for a good two hours directly after! Nice!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Row Row Row Your Boat....

Hit play for a Song!

Pajama Party

Well is it Just official... Pajamas are way too cute for words these days. I love tucking the shirt in. It makes me laugh!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What to do with these Boxes?

Okay... so when unpacking, it is a fact that the house gets messier before it gets cleaner. That is why I can post this picture with out being too embarrassed of the obvious mess! I finally got down to unpacking our "mirror packs" (basically about 10 slim boxes with our art/pictures/wall hangings. Each piece had it's own box... this was the result of 30 minutes of work. Molly made a slide out of them and had a hay day. I will happily report, the room no longer looks like this! Hahaha.

Wood Work...

Molly's Great Grampy made her this table... Oh man does she love it. We keep it downstairs and she just sits and reads and plays... she even has a favorite chair out of the two. Here she is in some new Jammies, showing off her special table...


oh just watch... Hahaha.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Topsy Tervy

Okay... new find... Tervis Tumblers. Woah. Actually, "new" might be the wrong word. I believe these things have been around since the 80's and I have always seen them (even remember them from our cabinet back in grade school) but I never really paid much attention. Oh boy, last weekend Karlin talked me into the awesomeness of this cup! They call it Magic. Any one that knows me, knows I am particular about my glasses. I like to choose a cup depending on what I am drinking or what we are doing (beaching it, relaxing at home, on deck, etc)! (I know, silly...) See the example picture of how many wine glasses I have. I collect two of each... I never need a full set, I just need CHOICES! Well, I don't need any more choices for tumbler glasses. This thing is amazing. It keeps the drink so cold, and the ICE doesn't melt, which we all know ruins a drink. Last weekend I had the best diet coke I have ever had in a glass. I don't know what it is about them... but the fizz just stays. Any one who drinks cocktails with soda, this is the way to do it. Bed Bath and Beyond sells them and they are worth every penny. I only have one right now. BB&B is on the list of errands tomorrow. I will probably only use it for bubbly drinks.. but they are meant to hold hot liquid too. Highly recommended for icecream. The Brand is Tervis... Drop everything you are doing and go buy some!!


Molly and I just took a two day adventure down to Surfside Beach, SC (Just south of Myrtle) to meet up with two of my best friends! Kristen and Karlin - and their families! Woah, it was fun! Kristen's in laws own a home a few streets back from the beach. But few streets back is the place to be, especially when they own a golf cart!! Hahah. you should have seen us all piled on for the beach adventure. 5 adults, 3 kids. Hilarious. We ate Pizza and shrimp, shared a few cubra libras, and watched the kids have so much fun together. Courtney (Kristen's daughter) is literally 6 days younger than Molly - and Penn (Karlin's Son) is only two months younger than both of them. Who would have thought that 8 years after we graduated from Shepherd, we would all have kids at the EXACT same time. Couldn't have worked out better. Can't wait to do it again next summer!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

New simple thing!

Okay so I love it when I learn something super randomly easy in the kitchen. One of those "why didn't I come up with this before?" type things! pound of ground beef (yep, we go with super lean...) brown it, and just add a packet of Ranch. The kind you find in the salad dressing aisle (Meant to be made into dip usually). That is it... Molly is chowing away and I can't keep a fork out of it! I made it for her mostly but I am thinking Ranch tacos... Shoot... even tortilla chips would about kill the skillet right now! SO YUM!!!


Okay, I figure an update is in order, eh?? We have so many changes going on, that I don't even know where I live right now. Hahah...

Matt, Molly (21 months!) and I just recently moved back to Jacksonville, NC, home of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Matt is actually stationed at New River Airstation where, after years of flying the CH46 Sea Knight Helicopter, he is now transitioning over to pilot the V22 Osprey. This Aircraft is entirely too cool!

We are doing great and happy to be back here where Molly was born, in a town we have really come to enjoy! So here we are, somewhat moved in... and surviving the heat! Here is a picture of Molly in our new house! Hope all is well with everyone... thanks for checking in!! Cheers from Jacksonville