Monday, September 27, 2010


Okay, so last night, without effort, Molly randomly slept in her toddler bed! Just like any of her other big transitions, there was no fuss and I now know that it is because she was ready for it. Trust me, we have tried before and "NOT READY" would be an understatement. Hahah!

We did our normal nighttime routine, and instead of lifting her into the pack and play (we had to return the crib for a recall...), she just got into bed and I left, not to her from her until 8 AM. Problem with toddler beds? At 8AM she was in my face in our room. HAHAHH! But it worked! Could be a fluke on a tired night, but if I go off of past experiences with change, this will be a done deal.

ps - so being that it wasn't the plan to do this last night, I hadn't thought it through too much. I mean, door open, door closed? Molly's door opens to the stairs... If she wakes in the middle of the night, her room is pitch black, what to do? What will happen in the morning? Well, we dove in and figured it out. I put a night light in her room after she fell asleep. For the first night, I did keep the door closed because I had no idea what to expect and I would rather have heard her crying in her room than wondering around in the dark in the house. When Matt got up nice and early, I cracked her door open and next thing I know, Molly was smiling in my face at 8 AM. Hahah!

Man, being a mom is a never ending adventure. I mean, I am fascinated by everything we go through. I have certainly never done any of it before... she has never done any of it before. But we sure figure it out, don't we? Pretty cool this Mom business....


  1. I agree. This Mom business is pretty cool. Way to go Molly!

  2. My girlfriend put a gate on her daughter's bedroom door. This way the door could be open for her to hear her AND it kept Anna out of her face at 8am. It sounds a bit much putting it on her bedroom door but Anna would get up, play in her room and then call out when she was done playing and wanted out. It actually worked out to be really good for them. This also eliminated having to put a gate at the top of the steps, which was more cumbersome.