Saturday, August 21, 2010


Well, as I see it, this will be a very interesting year for the Redskins. I promise not to pretend I know more than I do when I talk about them, but I know a good bit!! For me, that is :) Let me just start off by saying, I LOVE football. I never did... I was always one of those people who thought the whistle blew way too much and had no idea how to actually "watch" the game. I was more interested in watching our Drum Major for the "Horns Up" signal. Hah, yes, I was a band Geek and proud of it. GO FRENCH HORNS GO! (Told you I was a geek...)

But, life moves on, and now I can blame Matt and the TV for most of my football knowledge! There are are only a few things better than a cold fall day, a Blue Moon and a planned couple of hours in front of our TV (or a friends? A restaurants?!) watching the games. Matt is off to a preseason game tonight with Brother Dave actually ... one last chance to see them play while he is still up in Virginia. We had season tickets last year and Matt got to see three games throw down - but the season was not one to write a home about. So, so, so many things have been switched up this year! So much so, that even non-Redskins fans (and there are a lot of them for some reason??) have to be curious! And if you're me, curious and excited!

As the seasons near, thought I would throw up some of us sporting our Redskins Gear. Hail To the Redskins!!!


  1. Hail victory! I am so excited for this season!!! {And cooler weather... we are melting down here =(}

  2. YES LESLIE!!! ADD BLUE MOON AND WE ARE IN THE MONEY!! Thanks for checkin in today! :)

  3. Go Pats! I'm just looking for cooler weather. Oh okay, go Redskins too!

  4. I am so jealous that you know how to watch football!!!!!!