Wednesday, August 25, 2010

DeeDee, We are Coming!

One count down over (almost!!... 24 hours until MMMMMAAAAATTTTT!!!) and another one begins!! We have decided to take McMollerson down to meet her best friend for her birthday - DeeDee!! (...Known to most as Mickey!!!!) Molly is actually still free to all parks for about one more month of her life, and the military has an incredible deal for the month of september for us parents, so we are hitting the road south for a few days once matt get here.

After a summer apart, and what promises to be a busy tour ahead, this is going to be such a fun time for the three off us! I know Disney world is a amazing place - and my whole life I have heard, "just wait until you have kids"... I am so excited to watch this kid be lit up by all things Mickey. You would think I made her world complete this morning alone, when I just so happen to be the one who turned the TV on and Mickey was there... It is a riot to see her little face light up when we walk by a balloon in the grocery store with her best buddy on board.... When her fruit snacks have Mickey Mouse smiling back at her, she almost doesn't want to eat them they make her so happy! Hahah. My heart might just explode when I get to see her meet him in person. Looking forward to it very much.

PS - Ummm, Side note, did I really just say this was for her birthday? Is it at all possible that she is almost 2?? YOWZA!!


  1. I am so jealous that I am not headed to WDW!!! I love it :) Have a great time.
    anna :)

  2. amazing jamie! i cant wait to see the video and pics from this trip :)

  3. Where has Matt been this Summer Jamie?? I didn't know you guys spent it apart? :(