Saturday, July 17, 2010


Okay, I figure an update is in order, eh?? We have so many changes going on, that I don't even know where I live right now. Hahah...

Matt, Molly (21 months!) and I just recently moved back to Jacksonville, NC, home of Camp Lejeune Marine Corps Base. Matt is actually stationed at New River Airstation where, after years of flying the CH46 Sea Knight Helicopter, he is now transitioning over to pilot the V22 Osprey. This Aircraft is entirely too cool!

We are doing great and happy to be back here where Molly was born, in a town we have really come to enjoy! So here we are, somewhat moved in... and surviving the heat! Here is a picture of Molly in our new house! Hope all is well with everyone... thanks for checking in!! Cheers from Jacksonville


  1. Way to go Jamie! Looking forward to the updates and what a fun way to chronicle Molly's milestones. Miss ya! Katie

  2. Jamie this is fabulous. Hope you can keep it up with your busy life - mom, photographer, military wife, fitness instructor and more. Love you, Aunt Sue